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Based on highly reliable scientific evidence it is proved that many chronic diseases can be reversed with suitable changes in Diet and lifestyle such as exercise, changing lifestyle and stress management.

Focused on empowering patients to take charge of their health condition C4 Integrated Wellness Pvt. Ltd., under supervision of Dr. Shilpa N. Desai and a team of medical experts, helps people get educated about pathogenesis of disease, effects and side effects of medicines, science behind the benefits of diet and other aspects of lifestyle such as exercise, stress management and group support.

Participation in program will help patients develop the right attitude and motivation toward living a good quality and happy life.

Weight Loss

Leave it to the experts to use integrated and holistic weight management techniques to get you into shape that will get you the compliments you deserve.

Diabetes Management

Understanding the right methods to keep your blood sugar under your control will go a long way in ensuring a healthier active life without the complications of diabetes.

Hormonal Dysfunction

Small quantities of hormones that don’t release or function appropriately can be a major reason for side effects like excessive weight gain or loss, mood swings and changes in blood pressure. Getting to the root of the problem early with our experts can help resolve things for a healthy life.

Genetic Consultation

In day and age where everything is personalized why should treatment be generic. Genetic consultation looks at your profile and creates custom made solution for you body type and needs.