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Reverse disease YOURSELF

Based on highly reliable scientific evidence it is proved that many chronic diseases can be reversed with suitable changes in Diet and lifestyle such as exercise, changing lifestyle and stress management.

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Skin is the largest organ of the body and often the one that weathers the harshness of the climate and stress. It deserves the right amount of attention so that the Spotlight never leaves you.

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Pain Management

Pain need not MEAN SUFFERING

Age, Lifestyle changes, occupational hazard or an unfortunate accident. The reasons of Pain can be diverse but the suffering due to pain can definitely be managed so you can continue to live a pain free life.

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Sports Management

Be on Top of your Game

Not just fitness, holistic care ranging from DNA Testing to Injury Person to Mental Mentoring to Nutrition planning & Injury Management.

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We don’t solve it, WE RESOLVE IT!

C4 Integrated Wellness provides professionally qualified and personally easygoing counsellors who are very important in facilitating anyone with healthy relationships.

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About us

Wellness is not just about physical fitness, it is equally about mental strength.

At C4 Integrated Wellness Pvt. Ltd., we help people with knowledge, skills and attitude to take control of their own health and bring the perfect balance in life.

Thus leading to mental freedom and physical transformation.

Empowering you to engage actively with your health using proven methodology

Science Backed
Educating you with updated modern scientific evidence that establishes a strong link between food, lifestyle and chronic disease

Experiential Education
Teaching methods to make right choices in day to day life to support sustainable health improvement

Personalized Exercise Programs
Coach you to follow suitable personalized exercise programs to improve your health conditions

Body Mind Connection
Education about body mind connections, its impact on disease and methods to use mind and thoughts in healing process

Our long term programs help participants experience the benefits of making suitable diet and lifestyle changes on their bodies and disease conditions and gradually reduce their medication under guidance of expert medical doctors

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Ph.D., Health Psychologist
Managing Director

Mr. Santosh Suvarna

Chief Accounts Officer

Dr. Sagar Pathare



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It All Simply Starts With Just One Choice! Prevention!

Today, heralds the dawn of a new age in health and fitness. Most of us hear the term prevention or wellness and assume...

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