5 really simple weight loss tips which actually work | Dr Shilpa Desai

The world of weight loss is plagued with belly-flattening myths more elaborate than the flat earth theory! As fitness and wellness consultants, diet forms a major part of what we discuss and every day we are surprised to discover newer and newer myths (or variations of some older myths) doing the rounds!

However, as science progresses we have been able to test the effectiveness of all sorts of age-old and modern slimming rituals and are certain of what works and what does not.

Dr. Shilpa Desai the MD at C4 Integrated Wellness, has compiled top five weight loss strategies which fine tuned for the busy lifestyle of Mumbaikars and are really easy to implement. These simply… work!

1. Use smaller plates

Yes! Using smaller plates tricks your mind into having lesser calories than before and yet give you the feeling of a full ‘plate’ of meal!

2. Watch out with that boxed Juice!

Many TV ads lead you to believe that a glass of fruit juice from one of those famous juice brands is all you need to kick start a healthy breakfast. While they are true, they often do more than kickstarting, namely dump a bunch of extra calories in your body by the way of ‘added sugar’. So watch out and only select a brand that doesn’t use added sugar.

3. Eat more fiber

Fiber is known to give you the feeling of being ‘full’. Use that to your advantage and eat more fibrous foods which will give you a fuller feeling sooner.

4. Drink more water

Sometimes, the most effective things are often the simplest! Drinking water has been known to increase your metabolism by more than 30% so drinking water means that your body is breaking down more calories, faster.

5. Forget Aerated Cola Drinks

Sugar is bad. Cola has a lot of it because not only does sugar taste sweet but it also hides the strong odors of the actual cola and flavorings.

So follow these strategies and weight loss should come naturally. For a more personalized plan which takes into account your lifestyle and dietary preferences, book yourself a consultation at our C4 Integrated Wellness Center closest to you. We also have treatments for safe and fast fat loss so you can fit in that dress before the big occasion!

Visit our clinics in Cuff Parade and Juhu and you’ll walk out transformed!

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