C4 Wellness welcomes another piece of Next-Gen Laser Hair Removal Technology at it’s clinics!

When it comes to Laser hair removal, we are often asked, “Is it gonna pain?”, “How long will it take?” “I have sensitive skin, is it safe for me?” and so much more when it comes to hair removal. What makes us doctors very sad is letting you know that it is gonna be a painful procedure even though we know that painless and modern technologies do exist with which hair removal can be a completely painless experience. Most doctors simply cannot use them because they are unavailable in Indian clinics.

It’s 2019 and most clinics in India are still stuck with decades-old techniques which are equally good at torture as they are at Hair Removal!

I was not the kind who would just sit back and let my patients feel the pain, so I decided to take things into my own hands and worked towards getting the wonders of the latest technological advancements of modern medicine right here at all of my C4 Wellness Centres in Mumbai. We knew it would be a mammoth task to be able to get the equipment here, getting our staff trained, figuring out a way to deliver the technology to our patients, but all were challenges we were ready to face! And faced we did!

Today, we can proudly say our clinics are equipped with advanced Laser Hair Removal Machines from Lumenis, a major OEM widely recognized in the international medical community and recipient of countless awards from the world over.

These US FDA approved machines are truly next generation devices which ensure a completely painless experience to the user. I can go on and on about the benefits of this machine over traditional hair removal methods or even most modern hair removal methods but I don’t have to because the wonderful people at Lumines have a video which explains their technology quite well!

Have a look!

So keep your worries aside and go for a full body laser removal with our LightSheer Desire without any worries! It’s a C4 Guarantee!

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