Weight Loss…What you need to know.

Safe & Easy Weight Loss Is Our Motto.

In today’s modern world, looking good is at an all-time high and one of the factors is a healthy and fit body.

To attain this, lots of individuals go in for weight loss programs which may harm us, like hormonal injections or acupuncture stimulations, or raising of metabolism by medication.

At our clinic, we believe in only working on nutrition and diet and of course exercise to aid in a healthy and safe method of losing weight which is consistent and which ensures that the weight does not increase again.

We do this with the understanding that your whole lifestyle changes and thus you remain in a fit and healthy state of mind and body. We believe that diseases in our body is the body’s effort to purify itself and that it should be cured by increasing the patient’s vital force by getting rid of waste products and toxins.  This has to be done scientifically through diet and nutrition. Our center is proud to have MD’s who closely monitor the client and his or her vitals.

Remember that diet is per your body type and lifestyle and that every person has a different body metabolism.  We work with the notion of a “vital force” or a “life force” which actually originated eons ago. We understand and argue that diseases should be treated by stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself rather than by treating the symptoms.

Assessing your risk factors and your genetic predisposition and thereby changing your lifestyle helps in prevention by taking appropriate action and guidance to establish optimal good health.

A good healthy diet combined with exercise is the most effective and safe method of weight loss. With exercise, you have to make sure that you have a combination of different types of exercise so that you get the best out of it.  During the week if there is a change of exercise is the ideal method.  Take a walk one day, while you catch up with yoga the next and add doing weights or going to the gym the third and so on will help to confuse the body and thereby increase metabolism and burn more fat.

Weight loss myths:


If we lose weight we are only going to gain it all back.

This is just an excuse and escapism.  If we stick to the new regime, we will continue to have optimal fitness.


Losing weight will lead to side effects like hormonal imbalance and hair loss, etc.

A balanced diet with approximate calorie intake will keep us healthy and fit.

Average women need 1200 and men between 1400 to 2000, depending on how sedentary their lifestyle is.


Losing weight leads to mental disorders, bulimia, and anorexia.

If monitored carefully by qualified individuals, there is absolutely no danger of this. In fact, exercises like yoga etc. will decrease your stress, your anxiety and will also increase the secretion of melanin, which in turn is responsible for an improved sense of well-being.

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