Who is the controller? The Mind or The Body?

Mind and body are interconnected.


A healthy body makes for a healthy mind. The mind reacts to the way you treat your body. As a whole, we are a combination of the mind’s ability to control the body and the body’s ability to nourish our mind.


Many times we chose to ignore the influence which our body has on our mind. Typically it is believed that only the mind is the controller of bodily functions and not vice versa. But there is a substantial role of the body in the way we think and react. Yoga is a good example which is based on this connection.


There are innumerable asanas in yoga. These asanas provide for the healing and smooth functioning of the mind. The different postures provide for the direct connection of the body to the mind. It facilitates smooth functioning of the body which in turn leads to a healthy flow of emotions.

The mind controls the emotions we experience and the body controls our physical gestures. These functions are not completely isolated from each other. Certain therapies dealing with diseases of the mind require systematic bodily movements. Such movements enhance the functioning of the mind and boost up the levels of its functioning.


Maintaining this healthy interconnection between the mind and body requires efforts from your side too. Just reading quotes and motivating your mind to do something could put you in a fix. AMSR techniques, stress relieving exercise, a fresh intake of healthy foods would also boost up your emotional quotient. This would not only make you strong physically but also mentally.


A perfect combination of a healthy body and a healthy mind can give you a long and rewarding lifestyle. The ideal way of doing it would be taking care of both equally and not ignoring the body’s health for mental strength.

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