Say NO to Diets: Eat to Lose Weight

Do you agree the term ‘diet’ is synonymous with being healthy?

Every human being you come in contact with has at some point in their lives tried out various diets; GM diet, Atkins diet, Vegan diet, Paleo diet, Ketogenic diet, etc.

When you ask that friend, who has lost a lot of weight what their secret is, the most probable response you receive would be ‘diet’. The term diet has over the years been severely misused!

Did you know that dieting is unhealthy? Diets assure you of losing weight temporarily, but at what cost? No one will tell you the side effects of dieting. That’s why we are here for you!

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Fad diets hinder your body’s ability to get balance from food. In the short term, you might lose weight, but in the long term, you could strain your organs and muscles because they’re not getting all the right nutrients. The most common side effects of unhealthy diets are dehydration, weakness and fatigue, nausea and headaches, constipation, inadequate vitamin and mineral intake. If you are able to identify with any of these symptoms then you should stop your diet immediately.

Celebrities right from Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Shilpa Shetty, Malaika Arora to Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan have all tried various diets and hence they got popular. Who doesn’t want to be size zero, right?

A little-known fact is that most diets can lead to cardiovascular diseases, renal diseases and nutritional deficiencies. We need to break the myth that, the only way to get healthy is to get on a diet.

Nutrition is the key to a healthy life. Has anyone ever told you that eating certain nutritious foods aid in losing weight? That’s right, eat to lose weight!

What you need is a diet that is sustainable. Know what you’re eating, learn when you have cravings and plan full meals that incorporate the nutrients you need.

Healthy eating includes: eating the right number of calories (not too much and not too less), eating lots of fruits and vegetables, avoiding saturated fats and sugar, reduce salt intake, don’t skip breakfast, drink lots of water and exercise to stay healthy.

Most importantly enjoy everything that you eat and stay positive always!

Do you want to get fit or lose weight? Make the right choice!

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