Take inspiration from Nature, it knows best | Dr. Shilpa Desai

Nature is the best designer. Ask any professional going through a creative block and he will most often tell you it was something inspired by nature that finally ended the creative block.


Nature’s design is not just creative, it is in synergy with its surroundings too. What we call an ecosystem is nothing but individual elements coexisting in synergy with everyone else. When the animals which eat leaves die, they rot and turn into fertile soil. This fertile soil becomes a plant’s food. There is no alpha predator in such a cycle. Everyone plays such a significant role that loss of even a single species can have devastating effects on the whole system.

Humans are just as much a part of this grand synergy as any other element. There are clues everywhere which let us know about this. Yet for some reason, we a really hard time understanding this. Our actions are often non-inclusive, non-sustainable and not in harmony with nature.


Humans seldom associate themselves as part of nature. It’s often some iteration of “man vs wild”. We tend to exploit nature for our needs but when there is a need to give back we just ignore the existence of nature. This hampers both our and nature’s design. We feel superior to all other species in the world just because have a better intellect, however, the truth is, we would be nothing if we did not have nature with us. We must seek refuge in nature just as our bodies do. The way our bodies are designed gives a clear hint of how in sync it is with nature.

The rising replacement of the green jungles with concrete jungles has made it necessary for humans to depend upon a new way of living in synergy with the changing environment. In the original cycle, which nature intended us to have, we would take in what is waste for the plants and they would take in what is waste to us. That’s how nature sustained itself and us together.


Things have now changed, we have changed nature. Our body is not in sync with the nature around us. Either we need to change the nature back to what it was or change our body to fight the increasing menace of pollution and global climate change.


Nature, as always, will have an answer. We just have to find it.


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