Cancer is rising at an Alarming rate, and your lifestyle is to be blamed!

According to statistics by the World Health Organisation, the estimated number of deaths by Cancer has touched a shocking 9.6 billion in 2018. One out of six deaths in the world occurs due to cancer. With a high mortality rate and no cure cancer has become one of the most dangerous diseases in the world.

Unlike other diseases, cancer is not caused by germs or viruses that we could have ourselves vaccinated or cured. Its causes range from genetic carriage to personal lifestyle and it is the latter that triggers cancer.

In your fast-paced lifestyle little or no efforts are taken by you to live with a healthy mind & body. Completely ignoring your mind & body are the main reasons you are to be blamed for an increased risk of cancer.

Hereditary or Genetic causes

It’s been known in scientific circles for many years that certain genes are more likely to cause cancer in humans. Fortunately, genetics has advanced to such a state today that most of these problem genes have been identified and mapped by scientists across the world. All you need to do now is get your DNA tested and assess if you are more or less likely to get cancer later in life.

Intake of Alcohol and Tobacco

The body needs certain kind of intake in order to function and hence where we couldn’t take a healthy intake of nutritious food; we tend to recourse to an easy method of boosting up our performance, the most common boost being alcohol and tobacco. A heavy intake without, precautionary measures and caution can lead to the development of cancer in our body. Controlled intake and correctional approach by you can easily avert cancer.

Food Habits and Diet

With the rise in easily available fast food, more and more junk food is becoming a part of our daily lifestyle and challenging our organs. The way the food is cooked and the number of preservatives to keep it fresh can hamper our body organs in a long run and can cause cancer. A nutritious diet plan customized to your needs is a must have in today’s world. This is the reason a proper and customized diet plan is offered to all our patients regardless of their particular problems here at C4 Integrated Wellness.


An average working person spends around 13- 25 years of his life in earning and working for his livelihood. With a rise in global markets, MNCs have given rise to a Desk Job work profile. An 8-hour daily shift to work with the busy competition and the failing societal structure we are bombarded with stress. A stressful life invites many problems, in the long run, one of them is cancer.

Physical Inactivity

A walk in the misty morning has now become a taboo and the training centers are filled with artificial air pumped into your lungs.

Adding to the fast-growing desire for junk food we have comfortably given ourselves an atmosphere where even for a glass of water we don’t want to move. Physical inactivity among the other reasons for the cause of cancer is the most controllable. It’s like a slow poison an antidote to which is with you. Hop in at our centers in Juhu or Cuff Parade to get a low down of all the simple and complex exercises you can do to maximize your fitness gains with fewer pains.

Your Body can do it. It’s your mind that you need to convince!

It’s never too late to start afresh and you’re not alone out there. We at C4 Integrated Wellness are always striving hard to assist you and guide you in different ways for you to live a healthy life and which would be an antidote to all the listed problems to avert the deadly poison – Cancer. So give us a call and take your first step- towards a cancer-prevention-lifestyle. We already have!

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