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Skin is the largest organ of the body and often the one that weathers the harshness of the climate and stress. It deserves the right amount of attention so that the Spotlight never leaves you.

The team of dermatologists, fitness and medical experts at C4 Integrated Wellness under the supervision of Dr. Shilpa N. Desai use the latest imported equipment and techniques to deliver world class, integrated and holistic Aesthetic solutions that gives the patients the confidence to dazzle with elegance and inner beauty

Pigmentation and Scar correction

Everyone loves a flawless skin. Although some may be blessed with it, there are huge advances in simple cosmetic and corrective procedures that can give you your desired picture-perfect look.
• Skin Lightening
• Melasma Treatment
• Dark Circle
• Scar Treatment
• Acne treatment and Acne Scars
• Stretch Marks

Anti-ageing treatments

Your face is your visiting card to the world and it can create Big impressions. Your skin need not tell your age and with the help of latest dermatological interventions, you can take years off your face in weeks.
• Skin Lightening
• Fine Line & Wrinkles
• Skin Rejuvenation
• Face Lift

Hair solutions

Whether untimely Hair Loss is a problem or losing unwanted hair is the challenge, the clinic’s expert solutions will help you treat it permanently in the most appropriate method.
• Hair Regrowth
• Unwanted Hair